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Astrology and The Addams Family: Venus and Mars in Scorpio

Astrology and The Addams Family: Venus and Mars in Scorpio

They’re creepy, spooky, and mysterious. I am certain you understand them. They’ve visited you at residence in your TV and you might have seen them within the movie show, too. They are The Addams Family. So, what have they got to do with astrology? The traits of planets and indicators of the zodiac could also be discovered simply by analyzing archetypes who embody them. Archetypes might be present in mythological tales and in our popular culture figures. Often, a transit of a planet will make me consider a modern-day character from a e book or TV present that personifies the qualities of that planet and signal. The present transit of Venus and Mars in Scorpio makes me assume instantly of The Addams Family, notably Morticia as Venus and Gomez as Mars.

Scorpio guidelines the eighth home of the astrological chart. In conventional astrology, the eighth home has to do with the occult, metaphysics, the paranormal, intercourse, loss of life, taxes, and inheritance. Scorpio is dominated by Pluto. Characteristics attributed to Pluto are depth, energy, destruction, resurrection, and transformation. A spooky ancestral residence embellished with the macabre and mysterious, housing a household possessing intense passions and morbid proclivities who dwell off limitless wealth hidden within the basement is essentially the most good instance of Scorpio eighth home symbolism I can think about.

The Addams Family film was launched to the general public on November 22, 1991, underneath the appropriately Scorpionic affect of the Sun, Mars, and Pluto transiting in – you guessed it – Scorpio! I am certain the transits of these planets within the signal of Scorpio elevated the recognition of the movie and the viewers’s enjoyment of the actors’ portrayal of the spooky household so many people love. Not all films based mostly on in style tv reveals dwell as much as expectations, however I do know The Addams Family lived as much as mine. Raul Julia and Anjelica Huston had been splendidly solid as Gomez and Morticia. I’ve watched the movie a number of instances over time when I’ve wished to set the Scorpio temper for the Halloween season.

Mars is a planet of motion and bodily vitality. It is a masculine planet and represents sexual vitality in issues of affection. When Mars is within the mounted water signal of Scorpio, passions can run deep and each lust and anger can flare dramatically. Mars in Scorpio could have its personal ethical code of conduct and guidelines to dwell by. When somebody breaks these guidelines, it’s an invite to take motion. When Mars in Scorpio believes in one thing or somebody, it believes all the best way and might be fully devastated ought to or not it’s deceived or betrayed. In The Addams Family film, Gomez is totally satisfied Fester is his long-lost brother – he can’t enable himself to consider in any other case. When Gomez is taking part in with swords, visiting his basement full of cash, wrecking mannequin trains, or succumbing to Morticia’s chilly charms he’s performing out the essence of Mars in Scorpio. Obsession is a Mars in Scorpio high quality and Gomez is obsessive about his household. Above all, he’s obsessive about Morticia. As he observes her sleeping, he says, “Look at her. I would die for her. I would kill for her. Either way, what bliss!”

Venus is a planet of bodily consolation, magnificence, and pleasure. It is a female planet and represents affection in issues of affection. Scorpio is an intensely emotional water signal that wrestles with problems with management and publicity. In love and all relationships, Scorpio prefers to have the higher hand and know extra concerning the apart from they’re keen to share about themselves till they really feel it’s protected to take action. Venus in Scorpio might be jealous, protecting, intensely loyal, and secretive. Clandestine romance, love triangles, and unrequited love are the destructive patterns of relating that come up from the Scorpio worry of publicity and intimacy. Those three sorts of relationship have distance and lack of whole involvement at their core. Sometimes Venus in Scorpio takes the all-or-nothing strategy – if Venus in Scorpio cannot have precisely who it desires, it’ll have none in any respect. Yes, for all of the repute Scorpio has because the sexiest signal of the zodiac, it may really seem fairly chilly on the floor. Despite her minimal outward show of emotion, Morticia radiates a deep ardour, neatly tucked into her form-fitting gown and swish management. Morticia is the final word cool, self-possessed lady. She can also be an ideal instance of the social etiquette, which Venus in Scorpio values. Her manners are impeccable and she or he considers the wants of others, even when her values are a bit skewed, as when she admonishes her mom, “Hush, mama! It’s for charity! Widows and orphans. We need more of them.”

Out of all of the twelve indicators of the zodiac, Scorpio is the one signal that has distinctly completely different traits between the sexes. Scorpio girls are extra snug within the realm of feelings than Scorpio males. They are higher capable of comprise delicate feelings once they select to not specific them. Not all Scorpio males can reconcile the softness and sensitivity of Scorpio’s female water vitality with the stereotypical robust and harmful dangerous boy Scorpio picture they consider they need to undertaking. When a Scorpio male feels an excessive amount of emotion, he could launch it as anger slightly than threat showing susceptible. Many Scorpio girls are the best, calmest women you’ll meet. They choose to attend and watch and lure others in patiently by way of intent, very like a spider in an online. Like Morticia, the much less they communicate, the extra they appear to say – particularly with these expressive eyes. A Scorpio lady has highly effective household instincts. Morticia walks and talks Fester by way of the household graveyard to impress the significance of his household historical past upon him. A feminine scorpion is such a great mom that she could tackle the care of child scorpions which don’t belong to her. A Scorpio mom could also be protecting, however she not often stifles her youngsters. Although she could have her personal strict Scorpio guidelines, she encourages her youngsters to turn into robust and assume for themselves. There is a scene I like in The Addams Family film the place Wednesday, stalking Pugsley with a knife, goes previous Morticia, who’s on the kitchen desk. Morticia stops Wednesday and asks, “Is that for your brother? I don’t think so.” She relieves Wednesday of the knife, however offers her a a lot bigger and deadlier wanting weapon. Now that is empowering! Morticia could seem like unaware of her youngsters, however she would not miss a lot. Venus in Scorpio is receptive, intuitive, and capable of know what others are considering or feeling.

For an in-depth astrology lesson on Venus and Mars in Scorpio, watch The Addams Family film and pay particular consideration to the patriarch, Gomez Addams, and the matriarch, Morticia Addams. Together, they present us the masculine qualities of Mars in Scorpio and the female qualities of Venus in Scorpio – two halves of a passionate complete. Gomez asks, “Are you unhappy, my darling?” Morticia solutions, “I’m very unhappy, my darling.”