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Cat Behavior Problems – Cat Spraying

Cat Behavior Problems – Cat Spraying

Cats could urinate in different elements of the home as a result of:

1) They have cystitis (a bladder an infection)

2) They have litter aversion

three) They are afraid to make use of the litter tray as a result of it’s in a heavy-traffic space and they’re ceaselessly disturbed

four) Another cat has used the tray or one other cat chases or in any other case intimidates them once they attempt to method the tray

5) They are marking a part of the home as their territory.

Urine could also be sprayed from a standing place or deposited from a squat. Spraying is nit often related to ailing well being. It is a manner of marking territory or of expressing aggression by cats that don’t have the arrogance to have interaction in direct battle.

Cats which might be spraying or urinating in the home are sometimes very anxious.


Take the cat to the vet for a check-up. Confine the cat to at least one simply clear room when you cannot supervise it, and supply a litter tray. If the cat doesn’t use the tray whereas within the room, deal with as described for soiling close to the litter tray.

If the cat is utilizing the litter tray within the room, usually reintroduce it to the remainder of the home, having cleaned all beforehand dirty areas with an enzymatic cleaner. Do not permit the cat to be wherever unsupervised. If it makes an attempt to dig, squat or spray, squirt it with a water pistol or alarm it with a foghorn, however don’t bodily or verbally abuse it.

If the cat is marking territory, it might be that the social relations between the cats within the family someway modified. Marking is usually seen when a brand new cat is launched to the family, masking could also be completed in response to a customer staying for just a few days or a brand new associate shifting in. It may also happen in response to the presence of cats exterior the home, and as a response to unusual cats coming into the home. Try to determine any main set off components. For instance, if the cat is urinating or spraying on the windowsill, it’s most likely reacting to the presence of an odd cat exterior. Fitting blind to the home windows and preserving the cat out or the room when these blinds will not be closed will resolve the issue. If you could have seen unusual cats hanging round, spend money on a cat door that’s electronically operated by a set off in your cat's collar. This ensures that no different cat can enter.

If you’re feeling that the cat could also be burdened by modifications which have occurred throughout the family, attempt to present it with further consideration and a few stability by enjoying a recreation with it at a set time day by day. This helps to cut back anxiousness.

These issues will be tough to unravel and you could want the assistance of an animal behaviorist to determine the reason for the issue.

Ensure that unusual cats can’t enter the guarantees and the there are sufficient clear litter trays. Try to not change the house surroundings all of a sudden. Introduce the cat to new flatmates earlier than they transfer in and take issues slowly, Take care to introduce new cats or different new pets to new ct steadily too. Provide some routines and make sure that every cat has a particular place to which it will probably retreat, such because the shelf on a cat tree, cabinet od cardboard field the place it’ll really feel protected.