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Dimensions of an Olympic Size Swimming Pool – Length, Width, Depth (How Deep) and Lane Size

Dimensions of an Olympic Size Swimming Pool – Length, Width, Depth (How Deep) and Lane Size

The dimensions of an Olympic dimension swimming pool ought to be constant whether or not that pool is on the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, on the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, or at an Olympic coaching facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado within the United States of America. While private house pool sizes fluctuate tremendously with some being very massive whereas others are very small the Olympic dimension has change into the usual in uniform dimensions for aggressive swimmers.

In phrases of size the space is a pleasant even 50 meters from one finish to the opposite. Meters are a metric unit of measurement and within the US customary system of measuring this equates to 164 ft. When an athlete swims a lap she or he swims from one finish to the opposite after which again to the unique start line. Essentially swimming one lap is the equal of two journeys throughout the pool which equals 100 meters (50 meters plus 50 meters). Swimming one lap is the same as 10% of a kilometer or 6.2% of a mile within the US customary system.

The width is 25 meters (82 ft). The primary dimensions of those swimming pools are simple to recollect as a result of the size is an excellent 50 meters and the width is solely half of that determine. Normally there are eight lanes. At some swimming swimming pools for coaching functions the traditional eight lanes will probably be elevated (usually doubled to sixteen) by shifting the style through which swimmers use the pool in order that the athletes are swimming throughout the 25 meter aspect as an alternative of the 50 meter size. While this technique of coaching is lower than perfect for engaged on timing it does enable extra individuals to swim on the similar time when sources and pool area are restricted.

In tournaments the width of every lane is 2.5 meters. For readers not very accustomed to the metric system 2.5 meters is the equal of eight ft and a pair of inches. A swimming lane of over eight ft ought to be sufficiently massive sufficient for a swimmer of any dimension no matter wingspan and stroke (the butterfly stroke for instance requires extra room than the backstroke).

The depth of an Olympic dimension swimming pool is 6 meters (6 ft and seven inches). Many individuals wrongly assume that these swimming pools are 10 ft deep. Perhaps the shallow depth is an try to save lots of water.

Interestingly, there may be even an ordinary temperature that goes together with the opposite extra conventionally considered dimensions. In an effort to maintain the aggressive discipline as degree as attainable a water temperature vary has been applied to forestall house pool benefits leading to coaching in exceptionally chilly or heat water. The regulated temperature spectrum is between 25 levels Celsius and 28 levels Celsius. Those temps equate to between 77 levels and 82 levels on the Fahrenheit scale.