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Domestic Cat Behaviour: How Do Cats Find Their Way Home?

Domestic Cat Behaviour: How Do Cats Find Their Way Home?

Cats are recognized to be extraordinarily good, whether or not they need us to understand it or not. Everybody is aware of feline’s wonderful skills embody with the ability to stroll on tiny surfaces, run quick, and land on their ft in the event that they fall. However, some of the unimaginable skills of our feline associates shouldn’t be generally recognized, as it’s nearly a hidden sixth sense for them. This further sense is a cat’s homing capacity. Similar to birds, felines have homing skills that assist them to seek out their manner residence from as much as three miles away. How is that this potential?

Cats can attribute their homing capacity to their wonderful sense of scent, their eager eyesight, and their inside compass.


Upon remark of a feline’s eyes, you would possibly discover that their pupils are extraordinarily energetic. A cat’s pupils can vary from being actually tiny and skinny to essentially massive and large. When their pupils are dilated actually large a cat is ready to see a bigger picture of their environment. By with the ability to see such a big portion of their environment, cats are capable of make a psychological map of the place they’re. This permits our feline associates to maintain monitor of the areas that they’ve been earlier than, which helps them to seek out their manner residence.


Cats have extraordinarily delicate noses, and have a way of scent that’s 14 occasions better than a human’s sense of scent. In addition, felines are capable of depart their scent on completely different gadgets by rubbing up in opposition to them or touching them with their paws. Different areas on a cat’s physique can launch pheromones that may mark completely different surfaces with their territorial scent. Using each their pheromones and their robust noses, cats are capable of scent the place they’ve been earlier than in order that they will comply with the trail again residence.

Internal Compass

A feline’s inside compass reacts to completely different magnetic fields on the earth’s floor. Because they discover adjustments within the magnetic fields alongside their journey, cats are capable of sense the course that they got here from, and comply with that route residence. In addition, identical to people who use the angle of the solar to map out their location, cats are capable of finding their precise place by utilizing the angle of the solar as their information.

Using these three unimaginable senses, cats are often capable of finding their manner again residence. This unimaginable homing capacity could also be reassuring for a pet proprietor that has not too long ago misplaced their feline good friend; nonetheless, not all cats are capable of finding their manner residence. For this purpose, you need to at all times be looking out in case your feline good friend has not too long ago gone lacking.