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How to Cut and Clasp Jade Bracelets

How to Cut and Clasp Jade Bracelets

Typically, jade bracelets come reduce as a strong bangle or as a versatile bracelet with a number of sections of jade held by steel finish caps and joints between items. With your bracelet, including the spacer is a good suggestion however you’ll have to have two spacers, not one.

Since the strong jade is just not versatile, the bracelet will must be reduce on reverse sides so every half could also be linked with a spacer. You might want to discover somebody with a high-quality blade diamond noticed to chop the jade. These saws are motorized utilizing a 6″ or so round blade of skinny design. Steel instruments merely is not going to do the job. You desire a high-quality and neat reduce so the ends are parallel and match properly.

If a jeweler can’t do that, most is not going to have high-quality diamond rock saws, one suggestion is to contact a neighborhood rock and gem store. The rock and gem retailers cater to of us who love to do their very own stone sharpening and a diamond noticed is likely one of the primary instruments of the pastime. Ask the rock store if they will advocate somebody has a “skinny kef” rock noticed. People who do faceted stones or reduce opal are almost certainly to have the diamond noticed with a high-quality (skinny) blade and should reduce the bracelet for you. The rock store can also provide this service for a minimal charge.

Spacers will take the type of “finish caps” or shallow cups into which the jade is cemented. The spacers could be made with two opposing caps (shallow tubes) for joining the jade ends, with one spacer on each side of the bracelet. Any competent bench jeweler should be able to fabricate the spacer from silver stock or use available silver “findings” to make the caps. Findings is the word used by jewelers to describe the “components” used in jewelry work, such as ring shanks, stone settings, clasps, catches, etc. Depending on the diameter of the jade, there is the possibility of the jeweler using “bezel cups” to make the spacers.

Bezel cups are stamped cups of silver (or different steel) used to mount stones onto bracelets, rings and different jewellery. Purchased, the bezel cups ought to work and can value a fraction of the value if hand fabricated from silver sheet inventory. Some silver design must be between every cap to permit the angle of the caps to match the angle of the jade ends for a clear look and safe match. The use of a single part of silver tube for every spacer is feasible however that depends upon the angle of the jade on the reduce ends and availability of silver tube of enormous sufficient diameter.

Yes, the job is definitely doable and never very tough to do. The downside is getting the bracelet sawn in-two cleanly. After that, having the spacers made shouldn’t be a frightening activity in any respect.

If you wished, the spacers might be made one with a clasp and the opposite with a hinge, offering a bangle which opens and closes to be positioned on the arm.

Joining the jade to the spacer cups (or tubes) shall be cement designed for such work. I recommend high-quality high quality epoxy cement which cures to a water clear shade. One such cement is Hughes 330, designed for becoming a member of gemstone materials and metals. Other epoxy cements will work simply as long as the cement is utilized with care with little extra to indicate on the caps.