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Is it Safe to Have Pet Rats and a Cat in the Same House?

Is it Safe to Have Pet Rats and a Cat in the Same House?

A query I get requested rather a lot is whether or not it’s potential for individuals who already personal a cat to undertake pet rats. There are a variety of elements to contemplate earlier than making this choice. Whilst there are these few individuals who say that their cat poses no risk to their rodent friends and fortunately put up pics of their cat and rat getting alongside effectively it is a very uncommon case and shouldn’t be handled because the norm.

I ought to level out at this stage that I reside with my 2 pets rats, Pea and Mingles, my canine, Charlie, a Maltese x Shitzu and my cat, Dylan, a Ragdoll x Persian. All of my animals are rescues and they’re all fantastic in numerous methods. However regardless of his Ragdoll bloodline, Dylan most positively has the looking intuition and I’d by no means let the rats run round out of the rat cage while he’s within the room. It is necessary to keep in mind that even in the event you select a delicate breed like a pure Ragdoll cat and have them from a kitten, they need to nonetheless by no means be overlooked along with your pet rats.

It is feasible to maintain pet rats when you have a cat, though it is best to weigh out the professionals and cons earlier than adopting your new pets. Here are some issues to contemplate:

1. Separation – You will want to have the ability to simply separate your cat and rats whenever you need to let your rats out. This might imply utilizing a spare room as a ratty room. This is what I do. The spare room is free from rat risks like wires, sharp objects and small issues they might choke on. It can also be totally sealed. There are not any little holes within the wall that the rats might escape from. I attempt to spend an hour a day in there with my rats. We can play collectively and I can do some coaching with them safely away from naughty cat claws and tooth. I even have a variety of enjoyable tubes, bins and even a rat swimming pool for them to discover. Cats are normally wonderful with this day out and so long as they’ve loads of room to roam and their meals, water and litter tray (and in our case a doggy companion) they are going to be wonderful.

2. Security – You will must be 100% certain that your rat cage is safe. Of course you would want to do that anyway, since you would not need your rats to flee and get into hazard. When we first adopted our two rats Pea and Mingles the previous homeowners gave us their cage and it had a gap in. It was a small gap and I blocked it with plastic bins and duct tape, however I had the scare of my life when I discovered Pea operating across the flooring with Dylan the cat about to pounce. Luckily I picked Pea up in time and the rats have since moved to a 100% protected (and big!) cage, however please do not let your pets get into this case. Rats are infamous escape artists. You might imagine that the house is just too small for them to squeeze out of, however they may shock you. Make certain the rat cage is sturdy (can’t be knocked over) and that there are many areas for the rats to cover from prying eyes.

three. Common Sense – You know your cat higher than anybody, however even when you have the gentlest cat on the planet who seems to need to be associates along with your rats, please be very cautious and by no means ever go away them unsupervised collectively. I can have my rats sit on my shoulder while Dylan is sitting subsequent to me on the couch, but when he’s sitting on high of the couch I’m very cautious. The rats’ tails are irresistible to most cats.

If you could have a cat and you might be keen to place in some additional effort to make sure the security of your rats then there isn’t any motive you should not have rodent pets. However, just be sure you have a couple of rat. This is at all times finest because the rats can hold one another firm when they’re of their rat cage. Even in the event you can spend a variety of time along with your rat, when you find yourself away, or asleep the rats can snuggle and play collectively and groom one another. It will make all of the distinction to their lives.

Rats could seem fearless at instances, however when you have a couple of cat, maybe it is best to take into consideration whether or not a rat is known as a good pet for you and your loved ones. Imagine how the rats will really feel as all of the cats examine the cage and take a look at to determine methods to get in.

If you could have determined to undertake some rats, you’ll want to take duty for his or her welfare. If you could have a baby who has begged you for rats they might study some duty, however in the end it’s the grownup who ought to make sure the animals’ welfare and ensure the cats don’t pose an issue. It can also be important to make sure your cats are getting simply as a lot consideration as they used to, earlier than the brand new additions.

I hope this text has helped you’re employed out whether or not conserving rats and cats collectively might work for your loved ones.

Good Luck!