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Merging Cats – How to Introduce a New Kitten Or Cat to an Older Cat

Merging Cats – How to Introduce a New Kitten Or Cat to an Older Cat

The following method can be utilized to introduce a brand new kitten or cat to your different cat(s). I have been concerned in pet rescue most of my life and this system labored efficiently each time. Over the years I’ve needed to make just a few modifications when introducing older males or feral cats, however most often this can work precisely as outlined. It’s assumed your pet is neutered and the brand new pet is both neutered or lower than six months previous.

If you have got a selection you could wish to comply with a “wives tale” advice and decide a younger new cat that’s the reverse intercourse of your pet. For instance in case you have a neutered male choose a feminine kitten or younger feminine. If you have got an older feminine, choose a younger male kitten. Many individuals consider these combos are the very best decisions to insure a suitable match. There is a few organic assist for this argument, however I’ve merged many identical intercourse, identical age cats and it is all the time been profitable.

1. Before you carry a brand new kitten or cat dwelling, be sure it is freed from communicable diseases-Feline Leukemia, Distemper, Rabies, worms, and fleas. Most individuals keep away from adopting a cat that has been uncovered to Feline Aides, however there is a combined jury on how Feline Aides is unfold. You might wish to examine this subject and kind your personal opinion earlier than you take into account merging a cat uncovered to FIV with a wholesome cat.

2. While the cats are nonetheless in separate areas feed them each a big meal. For instance, give each cats a meal that will be corresponding to our thanksgiving dinner; decisions embody their favourite canned meals, sardines, tuna, or hen. Give them a minimum of an additional half serving. You may additionally wish to give a bit pure herb relaxant akin to “Rescue Remedy”.

Three. Place the brand new cat or kitten inside a cat provider roughly a half hour after the cats end consuming their massive meal. Have a buddy carry the brand new cat or kitten into your home and place the provider in the midst of a front room floor-make certain there’s a place the place the brand new cat will be capable to cover as soon as it is launched from the cage (i.e. a settee, chair, and many others.). If you possibly can’t discover a buddy, to herald the provider you are able to do this your self, however you could ignore the brand new cat always.

Four. Let your cats scent and hiss at one another along with your cat operating unfastened in your home and the brand new cat secure contained in the provider. Since each cats are full and relaxed-it might take 20-30 minutes earlier than the cats discover one another.

5. One hour after you carry the brand new cat inside open the provider door, however ignore each cats. Let the brand new cat come out because it feels prepared, this will likely take as much as 30 minutes. The cats might proceed to hiss and scream at one another, however normally it is fairly minimal. Most usually the brand new cat will search for a secure place to cover akin to below a settee or chair. If the brand new cat runs to you, ignore it.

6. For the following Three-Four days, you could ignore the brand new cat. Allow your cats to scream and hiss at one another as a lot as they should. This let’s your present pet and the brand new pet set up their very own pecking order. The solely time you wish to intrude can be if the cats obtained in a foul struggle. If this happens throw a considerable amount of chilly water on each cats, and begin the method over. (One time I needed to merge two older sickly male cats. They had each been “Tom” cats for years. After this one hour merger method they obtained in a horrible struggle. I broke up the struggle with water, obtained a big canine crate and for 2 days I rotated which cat was within the cage and which cat obtained to be unfastened. At the top of two days, these cats obtained alongside nice.)

A ultimate thought, you could wish to begin the introduction at a time once you might be dwelling for just a few days. For instance, for those who work Monday by means of Friday, you could wish to merge the cats on Friday evening so you possibly can observe them over the weekend.